September 2017
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30 National Parks You Need To Visit Outside The U.s. - Cnn.com

<< Previous Next >> Although the United States established the first national park in 1872, countries throughout the world have designated areas to protect and preserve. iReporters shared photos of the best national parks they've visited across the globe. The Iguazu Falls of Argentina's Iguazu National Park are surrounded by subtropical jungle. Across the Iguazu River, you'll find the Brazilian counterpart of this national park.

How Millennials Are Changing Travel - Amanda Machado - The Atlantic

Studies indicate that millennials advocate strongly for work-life balance , and have few qualms about leaving jobs that dont meet their expectations. A 2012 Net Impact survey found that young workers are more concerned with finding happiness and fulfillment at the office than workers of past generations. The study found that 88 percent saw a positive culture as essential to their dream job, and that 86 percent felt the same way about work they found interesting. Fifty-eight percent said they would stomach a 15-percent pay cut to work for an organization with values like my own. Travel creates time to reflect on these priorities and decide how our career choices can accommodate them. We understand that bumming around in our twenties for too long is irresponsible, but we also find it irrational to work unfulfilling jobs only to feel legitimate. And if we have the financial resources to pause, travel, and reassess, then why not take advantage of that privilege? Young hikers in the Himalayas ( Sam Hawley/Flickr ) But while long-term travel and gap years have been popular for years in countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom, the idea is still relatively new in the United Statesand not yet widely accepted.

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